Don’t like posing?  

One of the most common comments I get from couples getting married is that they don’t like posing.  They feel awkward in front of the camera, they have a fake smile when told to smile and simply don’t like posing.    But they do love photos.  Which is great!

I’m primarily a reportage wedding photographer and my main focus is to tell the story of your wedding day.   If you think about your wedding day from start to finish there are going to be plenty of opportunities to capture some really natural bride and groom portraits during your wedding day … without going overboard on posing. 

1.   The ceremony “I do’s” 

Let’s not forget this is what the day is all about.  Two people committing to spend the rest of their lives together.

During the ceremony there is no posing whatsoever.   But you’ll be by each other’s side throughout.   Imagine how many opportunities there are for your wedding photographer to capture your photos of your together during this time.   These will be the real moments with real emotions to be captured.

2.   You’re married, your mingling!

The ceremony is complete and you’re now married.  Whether you’re walking down the aisle or leaving church, this is a perfect time for a couple shot.   You won’t feel the pressure of posing for a photo only pure happiness that you have become one.  

3.    You’re mingling.

After your ceremony is the time when you’ll be mingling with your guests and no doubt your guests will be grabbing you for photos together too.  I take a step back from everyone so that I can capture natural moments between you.


4.   The confetti shot.

My favourite!  Oh, how I love a good confetti shot.  I always suggest providing family and friends with confetti as many guests don’t bring it nowadays in case it can’t be thrown at your church or venue.


5.   First Dance.

Whether you’ve practiced your Dirty Dance moves or you’re dreading shuffling in the spotlight, it’s a time when you will be close together and feeling the love.  

All of these moments are times of your wedding day when you will naturally be together so as you can see there’s really no need to worry if you don’t like posing.  Chosing the right photographer, however, is important so they understand you and how you would like your day to be remembered.  A good reportage photographer will be also be able to work unobtrusively so as not to take over your wedding day.

Finally, how I take an unposed posed photo.

Finally, whilst most couples don’t like posing, the majority do have some bride and groom portraits and these can be taken in around 15 minutes, less if required.    Although my portraits may look posed, they’re not.   I rarely tell a couple how to stand or where to put their hands unless I feel something looks awkward in the photo.   I prefer couples to mould into each other naturally and do what they would do naturally without me saying “put your hand here, leg there etc etc.   Oh and and I don’t see cheese!

I hope this post was useful and, if so, I’d love it if you could share it with your friends.   You can also read more about your wedding sytle here.

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Alison Edwards

I am a wedding photographer in Nottingham UK photographing weddings in a natural and documentary style. I cover Nottingham, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincoln and throughout the UK.