bride getting ready for her wedding at the Goosedale Nottingham

Bride getting ready – “Hey, remember this?”

My next photo to share is not only one of my favourites but one which was taken in my first year of photographing weddings.

Carley and Marvin booked me for their wedding at The Goosedale in 2009. She booked me having only seen my portrait work and the photos I had taken at a friend’s wedding in 2008. I remember her saying, “if this is your first, I can’t wait to see the next”.

This was also the largest wedding I had photographed. From memory, the numbers were something like 300 guests in the day and another 250-300 in the evening.

I covered this on my own and although it was a long day, I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was also really interesting to see some of the traditions which took place during the evening entertainment.

The reason I have chosen this particular photo is because it relives the commotion of the bridal preparations which took place at the Dakota hotel in Nottingham.

All of the rooms occupied by Carley and her family were really busy and I flitted between all of them.

This photo captures the moment when many of her family and bridesmaids were in Carley’s room waiting for her to finish getting ready and amidst all of the commotion, Carley looking relaxed and happy.

From the first wedding I photographed, my goal was to provide timeless photos and I think this is just that; a timeless photo.

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bride getting ready for her wedding at the Goosedale Nottingham