wedding photography candid moments

Candid moments – “Hey, remember this?”

Another photo for my “Hey, remember this?” series. This time, I’m going back a few years not only because I love the photo but it also shows how my wedding photos don’t date.

This photo was from Claudine and Richard’s wedding in July 2010. It was Claudine’s father.

It was taking during the drinks reception at Norwood Park on a hot sunny day.

I remember watching her father who had just started to smoke his pipe. I took photo one photo first of all which was good but knew if I timed it right, I could get an amazing photo of him before he realised I was there. This was my second shot. I knew I had got it so moved on continuing to mingle in with the wedding party discreetly.

This photo was selected to be included in Claudine and Richard’s wedding album and when Claudine collected it, I remember her saying how much she loved this photo of her dad.

Again, it’s photos like these at weddings that because the treasures. Neither Claudine or her father knew that I had captured this photo on the day. It was only after viewing their photos that they saw it. The magic of photographing weddings in a storytelling approach is that your photos are unexpected, they’ll be a surprise, something you didn’t see, something you didn’t pose for and something captured through the eyes of a photographer who sets out to provide you with photos that you will love for years to come.

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wedding photography candid moments