Kid’s Valentine’s Day Photos

For a Valentine’s Day photo shoot, I took my son and one of his best friends for some photos together after school. Armed with balloons and a couple of chocolate lollies, we had a rush on to get the photos done quickly before it got dark and before they got too cold as it was (yet another!) particularly cold evening.

The photo session was planned for my Project 52, week 6 photo but I couldn’t resist sharing more with you so I hope they bring a smile to your face like they have done mine.

They are so sweet together and I’d like to thank Kris for letting me “borrow” her gorgeous daughter for the photo session!

If you would like to see which photo I chose as my Project 52, week 6 photo – please click here. Please feel free to share the post on your Facebook page and, if you have the time, your comments are always appreciated. Thank you xoxo and here we go …

One girl, one boy, one friendship …. it started with the a balloon ….
and it wasn’t long before my son’s friend had a giggling fit after he tries to woo her with a “kiss me” lolly…
as they look into each other’s eyes…
… this just brings more giggles….
….until they both erupt into a fit of laughter together.
followed by more funny and cute moments shared together ….
…before they release the balloons. Thankfully their friendship remains.

I took the opportunity to capture some photos of his beautiful friend on her own before we headed back home for tea and play:-

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