Children’s Photographer Nottinghamshire – Project 52, week 47

For this week’s Project 52 photo, I headed out to Clumber Park.

Having been there the week before to photograph some family portraits I was desperate to go back with my son as the colours in one of the fields were amazing. Just 1 week later, however, the vibrancy of the colours in the fields had changed leaving more muted tones. (If I remember I will come back to this post to share the link when I blog the photos I had took the week before of two sisters to show the difference). I always have that initial disappointment when the greenery/fields change so dramatically in seasons than what I was expecting when I left the house but then I adapt and work with what I have.

In fact, the muted colours worked with my son on this day; what he was wearing and the stance he adopted for this photo.

I love my studio but I also love my lifestyle portraits. Both have their place depending on what you are looking for for your children’s portraits and I’m lucky that I now have the option of both to offer parents.

If you would like to book a studio or lifestyle portrait session, please get in touch.

Thank you x