When I photograph weddings, it’s just as important to me to capture the bride and groom’s guests as well as them too<–more–>

There are many moments during a wedding day that the bride and groom won’t see. They’re usually busy mingling to make sure they chat to all of the guests they have invited to spend their special day with. So I’m always looking for emotions from everyone in all forms including laughter and tears. These are the photos that couples tell me they love to look at too because the day is generally a whirlwind.

This particular photo is amidst a blog post which I recently shared from Siobhan and David’s

    wedding reception at Floral Media


I wanted to highlight this photo as a favourite of mine because I love the expression of the lady dancing in the blue dress. She has a real warmth and sense of fun whilst she is dancing with the bride’s mum and, for me, it’s a photo which makes me smile.

I Hope you like this photo and if you would like to see more moments like this, you can take a look at my celebrations and moments gallery on my website.

dancing at wedding lady laughing at Floral Media