The world of technology moves very quickly. With new computers now being made without a disc drive, it makes sense for me, as a professional photographer, to move over to USB sticks when supplying digital images for weddings and portraits.

I now have some pretty cool white leather branded USB sticks. These are high specification USB’s which provide faster read and write speeds and more secure data storage.

I’m also advised that USB sticks are more reliable (but I’m no expert in this field so I go with what I’m told!). For me personally, they will be a lot quicker as discs take time to burn especially with weddings when more often than not, I use 2 or 3 discs to provide clients with their wedding images so I hope this will now be a lot simpler for everyone.

For individual digital images purchased from portrait sessions, these will be sent to clients electronically. Clients who purchase more than 6 digital images from a portrait session will receive their images on one my branded USB sticks.

The USB sticks nearly complete by branded packaging, I just have a few finishing touches!


Alison Edwards

I am a reportage wedding photographer in Nottingham UK photographing weddings in a natural and documentary style. I cover Nottingham, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincoln and throughout the UK.