The speeches; this is the one part of the wedding day which men generally can’t wait to be over because the nerves really take over.

I’ll often ask the best man or groom how they’re feeling and a lot of the time the response is they’ll be fine once the speeches are over …. and then they can relax and have a drink ….either that or they’ll need a drink to talk!

This photo is from the lovely Jen and David’s wedding in April 2014

The speeches at Jen and David’s wedding were by Jen’s sister, David’s best man and, of course, David. All brilliant speeches from start to end.

The photo I’ve chosen here shows David and Jen, laughing loudly at, from memory, the best man’s speech.

Quite simply, I think the photo encapsulates not only the speeches part of their day but their wedding day as a whole; full of laughter.

It was 100% evident that their friends and family thoroughly enjoyed the day from start to finish, as did I, and it was truly a privilege to be part of their wedding day.

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funny wedding speeches - bride and groom laughing at the best man's speech