Whenever I look at this photo, I feel a special moment with the groom and grandma.  It melts my heart a little seeing the obvious closeness of their relationship .

It’s a photo from Leigh and Tom’s wedding  who were married at St. Jame’s Church in Papplewick Nottinghamshire in 2018.

Tom met his grandma and family as they arrived at the church and I just love the way he holds her hand and gently walks with her down the pathway into the church.

This is the kind of photo which, I feel, will hold a special place in their hearts for years to come.  It captures a real moment without any interruption from anyone.

Whilst there’s always a time and place for posed photos, I wouldn’t have dreamed of interrupting the groom and grandma during this stage to stop and pose for a formal photo as it would have taken away their time together during this special walk into the church.

Family photos like these will always be timeless and precious to couples and why I love photographing weddings.

If you would like to see more photos from Leigh and Tom’s wedding you can view them on my blog.

groom and grandma walking to church in Papplewick Nottinghamshire