In 2012 I was a Hambleton Hall Wedding Photographer at Libby and Tom’s wedding.

Wedding photos are about making memories with your loved ones.   I think this kind of photo is where documentary wedding photos really come into their own.   I captured the moment after the drinks reception and as everyone was leaving Hambleton Hall to go onto the next location.   I remember seeing Libby and her father go straight to each other and then just hug.   You can see the happiness on her father’s face at this point.  There are a few other emotional photos that followed this one on my blog post (linked to above) although having looked at them again, I may do highlight them in my “Hey, remember this series?”.

At this point, I was waiting for guests to embark onto the bus.   Now imagine if I had interrupted the flow and was asking everyone for formal photographs before leaving.   Whilst they would have been nice photos,  they would not have captured the emotion that this photo does.    I truly feel these are the kind of photos families will treasure years later.

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father and bride at Hambleton Hall hugging