“It wasn’t me” – Hey, remember this?

I’m sure if you’re a parent you’ve probably had one of those moments when you just want to run, hide or play dumb!

One of those moments when your child does something that you can’t stop and then hold your breath waiting to see if anyone has seen them.

This photo appears to capture one of those moments.

It was taken at Shelley and Martin’s wedding in August 201 at Holme Pierrepont Hall in Nottingham, a beautiful wedding which I am yet to blog about.

It was early evening and, following a downpour earlier on in the day, the weather was beautiful and all of their guests were in the gardens prior to the evening entertaining commencing.

I’d noticed this beautiful little girl being quite curious about her surroundings and was anticipating something about to happen.

As she pulled the lady’s hair in front of her, I was ready to take the photograph and was able to capture her mum’s reaction to her daughter.

It’s moments like these that I love about weddings and children always bring an element of mischievousness to weddings.

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