How great that the summer is continuing this year – it seems to have taken us all by surprise and, whilst I was prepared mentally for autumnal shoots, the summer photo sessions continue!

The place where I choose to go for my week 38 of Project 52 was a nature trail we last went to with friends in 2011. (Click here if you would like to have a look at photos with friends – my son looks really young here!).

When I first mentioned it to my son he wasn’t so keen on going here despite having loads of fun before getting wet! However, as soon as we entered the trail and he spotted a swinging rope hanging from a tree, it all changed and I couldn’t get him home! He really enjoyed swinging from the tree – who doesn’t enjoy playing tarzan on a sunny afternoon! For me, I had fun taking loads of photos of him and getting nettled all over….anything for a photo! The nettle rashes went and but the photos are with me forever.

I do receive some lovely feedback from people who are enjoying my Project 52 and I’m really grateful for people who let me know. If you are enjoying it, please feel free to share the post on your social media page or let me know!

If you like this photo, click here to take a peak at the other photos which I took during the session which are on my blog as I couldn’t resist sharing more.

Thank you xoxo

Camera equipment for this photo was:-

Canon 5DIII
Canon 135mm f/2
ISO 800

I swapped between the 135mm f/2 and 50mm 1.2 lens for the photos taken on this day – my two favourite lenses.