I’m going to call this Part 2 in a series of “moments” between the mother father and bride at Hambleton Hall.  Click here to see Part 1.

This is another photo from Libby and Tom’s wedding at Hambleton Hall which I wanted to share with you as part of my “Hey remember this?” series.

When I was looking through photos to share, I saw there were actually several poignant moments taken within a minute of each other at this point that tell a really lovely story.

The reason I love this photo is because the whilst they bride and her father were hugging, the bride’s mum came up to them and you can see how she held back so as not to interrupt them but that she too appears to be fighting back the tears seeing them both so emotional.

Photos like these are really precious.    A photo of the bride with her mother and father.  Nothing forced.  Nothing staged.   A photo showing the love between the three of them. It’s photos like that you can’t plan and photos like these that (I believe) will mean the world to them always and so much more than a formal line up photo.

I’ll blog the third photo soon, so please do check back if you would like to see more.

Thank you for looking and I hope you like it.Mother father and bride at Hambleton Hall tears and hugging