The photo that I would like to share with you this week for my “Hey, remember this” series is one from Lucie and Barney’s wedding in 2013.

It was such an amazing and relaxed day from start to finish. The photo which I have selected is was taken during the line-up at Norwood Park. Line-ups don’t tend to happen very often now as they can be too formal for a lot of people’s approach to their day, however, this line-up was not formal in any way and was very relaxed.

Why did I choose this photo? The lady in the photo is the groom’s mum and it was the expression on her face when she looked at her daughter-in-law that got me. It got me on the day and it still gets me now when I look at the photo as I remember feeling how proud she looked of her daughter-in-law.

As well as the laughter, it’s moments like this that I’m constantly watching for. Emotions that tell the story of your wedding day.

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