There’s so much time and preparation which goes into a wedding day but after everything, this is what it’s all about.  The paper which makes it all legal declaring two people’s commitment to each other.

You may or may not be aware that not all churches allow photographers to take a photo of couples signing the register.   Also,  I don’t recall any registrars at civil ceremonies allowing this in the 10 years I’ve been photographing weddings.   More often than not “dummy registers” will be set up for official photos to be taken.   This is something which I always explain to couples before their wedding day as many aren’t aware of the restrictions.

This is just a simple signing of the register wedding photo which I took at Claire and Richard’s wedding back in 2014.    The reason I love this is because it is real.   It was taken as it actually happened rather than afterwards when a dummy register replaces the real register for photos.   Whilst this kind of photo may not make it into a showcase piece of art on the couple’s walls, it documents their wedding day with a story which is what wedding photography is all about for me.

I love the light was shining through the window to their left allowing me to capture a beautifully lit photo of them signing the register.

I was even more grateful to be allowed to take this photo as the vicar didn’t allow photos during the ceremony which was a real shame as the church was beautiful.

This photo is shared as part of my “Hey, remember this?” series which I hope you like.

Signing the register wedding photo of bride and groom at Mansfield church