Silhouette of boy – Project 52 – Week 36

My mind is always ticking and looking for photo opportunities. Whilst out on our bikes one sunny day I thought we should try a silhouette photo for Project 52 which we decided to do after our bike ride. As we drove to the nearest location possible for the photos, however, the skies changed and the sun disappeared. We waited a while and the sun came out and gave us a little sunshine and although it wasn’t ideal (i.e. it didn’t match the image in my head I had planned), it was time to click and see what we could get.

I had two props for this photo ….the first one (the preferred one!) broke during the photo shoot and it’s clear it’s broke in the photos so we couldn’t use this. I won’t say what it was just in case we get another and use it another week but fortunately, I had a back-up hula-hoop in the car and although we have used this before, I think we can get away with it for this one.

Here is the photo we chose. If you are enjoying my Project 52, please feel free to share the post on your social media page or comment and if you would like to book a lifestyle portrait session for your children, please contact me.

Thank you oxox