Singing at Weddings

I’d like to share this image with you as part of my “Hey, remember this?” series.   When I share photos in this series, it’s really a time to talk about why I like a particular photo.    

This is a photo I took at Jen and David’s wedding in April 2014 at St Patrick’s Church in Nuthall Nottingham.    Church weddings provide different opportunities for photos, one being when everyone is singing the chosen hymns.   As a documentary wedding photographer, it’s an ideal time to watch out for people’s emotions whether it’s tears, laughter or just a look from someone special.

This particular photo I love because the little flower girl in the photo is the bride’s niece and she had pure concentration on her face holding the hymn sheet and singing  ….whilst all of the bridesmaids were giggling.

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girl singing at weddings nottingham