“The camera makes you forget you’re there. It’s not like you are hiding but you forget, you are just looking so much.

— Annie Leibovitz

The above quote by a well known photographer really sums up how I feel when I am photographing.

I’m sure you have a list of questions you would like to ask and I’m happy to do this by email, on  the phone or even better in person.

Until then, I’ll try and answer some of the questions I’m asked often so that you have an idea of the service I can offer you for your wedding day.

What is your style of photography?

I describe myself primarily as a story telling wedding photographer,  also known as reportage and documentary wedding photography.

This means that rather than spending your wedding day lining guests up and spending hours on portraits,  I mingle in with you and your wedding guests and  I look to photograph the love, the laughter, the smiles and the tears.  I deliberately look for “the moment”  whilst taking the light and composition into consideration.

I will photograph you enjoying the best day of your life.

My wish is that you re-live your wedding day through your wedding photos and love the fact they tell the story of your wedding day.

bride and groom walking with guest and children having piggy back

Do you take group photos?

I do.  I appreciate some group photos are required and I ask that you provide me with a list of essential group photos that you would like on the day, however, I do ask that you keep these to a maximum of 5-6 different group photos.  If you factor in 5 minutes for each group photo this will give you some idea on the amount of time it can sometimes take to get people together.

By keeping your group photos to a minimum, it means you can spend more time with your wedding guests and I’m usually not too far away photographing real moments of your day.

(I think one of the most common things I hear when I meet couples is that they attended a friend’s wedding and didn’t like the fact that they were hanging around for hours waiting for group photos.)

How long do you spend on bride and groom portraits?

More often than not, couples who come to me will say that photography is an important part of their wedding day but they don’t like posing so would like their photos as natural as possible.

Before your wedding day, I will speak with you to find out how long you would like to spend on your bride and groom portraits as every couple is different.  As a guideline, I allow 15-20 minutes  although some couples will literally have a handful of portraits (you know, the essential one for the mantlepiece!).   As long as I know what you want, I will work with your requirements.

My aim is to do these in a simplistic style (no strained poses!) and although I will give you guidance where to stand and where to place your hands etc, the result is that your bride and groom photos will look very relaxed. If you are comfortable posing and this is something that comes naturally to you, then please go for it!

bride and groom laughing at norwood park

Am I the right wedding photographer for you?

If you are looking for a photographer to photograph real moments with just a few essential portraits (the obligatory ones for parents and grandparents) then we could be a match.  

Wedding photography is very personal and I’m confident that I will put you and your guests at ease.   I like to blend in and I’m  always complimented on my composure and my unobtrusive manner

My portfolio is a true reflection of my style and approach to wedding photography and if you like what you have seen so far, I would love to photograph your wedding day.

Are you insured?

Absolutely.    I have public liability insurance together with equipment insurance.

If you have any questions at all,  I’d love to hear from you.