As Spring will be upon us very soon, I thought it would be a good opportunity to share a Love My Dress photo session which took place last year.

If you haven’t come across ‘Love My Dress’ sessions before, these take place after your wedding day. As a bride you will have waited for a long time to wear the dress that you spent so long choosing and looking for and to wear it for just the one day just doesn’t seem fair. A ‘Love my Dress’ photo session is an opportunity to wear your dress again in completely new surroundings and also gives you the option to have a different hair and make-up style to that on your wedding day. It is also comes with the bonus of no pressure on timescales or worrying about getting too dirty as everyone will have seen you on your wedding day. These sessions are also known as ‘Trash the Dress’ or ‘Rock my Dress’. Trash the dress is quite different to ‘Love my Dress’ as it can often mean your wedding dress will no longer be afterwards.

Danielle contacted me following her wedding and said she would like some less informal photos to those taken on her wedding day and in a completely different surrounding to the real event. Danielle did not want to do anything which would ruin her dress so, after running through some ideas with her, we choose to go to some open fields in Nottingham when the poppies were in full bloom.

It was a perfect day for photos. Danielle looked stunning and was really relaxed in front of the camera. It was a pleasure to meet Danielle and below are a selection of the photos from her photo session.

If you would like to book a ‘Love My Dress’ photo session, please contact me and we can run through some ideas together.

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