Passionate about photography – my interview with Henpicked

I often get asked during photo sessions, or at initial meetings with brides and grooms how I got into photography. My answer is quite simple – it was my son and, like many parents, I developed an obsession taking photos of him.

Whilst I was training there was a pivotal photo that opened the doorway from hobby to career. It was a photo where something “clicked” for me and, not only was it the photo where I felt that I was developing a style, it was the photo that gave me a much sought after confidence boost. In a competition sponsored by Duracell on ‘How you recharge your batteries’ this photo was one of 50 to be selected and exhibited at the Getty Images Gallery in London. It was in the Independent Sunday Magazine, copies of which I proudly still have.

Technically, I can see this photos has faults. There were other photos that I took on this particular day that would have been technically better but they didn’t have the same style or create the same reaction that this photo did with friends and family.

In a recent interview with Henpicked you can read a little more about my story and where I began in my quest to follow my dreams.

This is the photo ….just one cornetto….

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