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bride and groom at prestwold hall

Couple at Prestwold Hall – side glance – “Hey, remember this?”

After the bride has walked down the aisle, there's nearly always a side  glance between couples in the first moments as they stand side by side. This is one of those moments with Jas and Jeg when they were married at Prestwold Hall in May 2015. As I photograph weddings primarily in a documentary style, these are the kind of moments I look for during weddings. For more wedding photos, please take a look at my wedding portfolio.  [...]

confetti shot at mansfield church

Did someone say confetti?

Who doesn't love a confetti shot?  I'm not sure how brides feel when it goes everywhere but, from a photographer's view, I always love them. It definitely looks like Claire and Richard were covered in confetti from this photo too!  They were  married at Church of St. Peter and St. Paul in Mansfield in November 2014 followed by a lovely reception at Norwood Park. This is another photo from my "Hey, remember this?" series where I go back and share photos from previous weddings.  [...]

summer church wedding nottinghamshire

Summer church wedding Nottinghamshire – Hey remember this?

The start of this year has seen me giving my website a makeover which has inevitably led me to looking through wedding galleries to freshen it up.   These jobs always take longer than I imagine but other than a few tweaks, I'm almost there. This photo is one I've always loved taken at Jenny and Paul's summer church wedding in Nottinghamshire. It was the hottest day of the year in May 2014.   I'm not quite sure where the years have gone but it's honestly flew by as I remember their wedding really well.  [...]

fake photos using photoshop

How Fake Are Your Photos? Are they photoshop overkill?

We are fortunate to live in an age where cameras are literally in the palms of our hands. With filters and photoshop we can airbrush ourselves to look like our ideal model.  Eliminating wrinkles, pinching in the inches and even transferring ourselves into a dream location is just a click away. So … how fake are your photos? read more