natural wedding photography

Natural wedding photography is an umbrella phrase I use for some key styles you may have seen whilst looking for a wedding photographer online, e.g. documentary, reportage or candid  wedding photography.

My goal is to tell a story of your wedding day.    I mingle in with you and your wedding guests capturing moments which can’t be repeated.   I  allocate time to  create some beautiful couple portraits together with some family group photos … but without going overboard.  If you don’t want any formal photos on your day, just let me know beforehand.

Most couples who book me will say that they don’t like posing and this is where my natural wedding photography style works for them because they receive natural and beautiful photos without feeling out of their comfort zone.

relaxed~ candid ~ timeless


real moments


You don’t always see everything and, as your wedding day whirls by, you may not remember everything.

I provide couples with photos of fleeting moments which can’t be repeated.  Photos which show the love, the laughter, the smiles and the tears.

I have developed a pretty good instinct for when something is going to happen from the way people interact with each other.    In addition, my calm personality means I blend in at weddings rather than take over. 

So what do I do?

I photograph you and your guests enjoying the best day of your life

bride and groom dancing with guests natural wedding photography
guests throwing confetti on bride and groom natural wedding photography
bride and groom chinking glasses after wedding ceremony
vicar laughing with bride and groom in Nottingham church

you’ll love my style if:

  • it’s important you spend as much time as possible with your family and friends on your wedding day.
  • you value professional photos but aren’t so keen on posing.
  • you’re pretty relaxed and want your photos  to reflect this.
  • you don’t want a photographer to take over your day but appreciate guidance.
  • you’ve made a decision it’s your day and you’re going to do it you’re  way.

the client love – Polly & robert

We have been looking through these all day - I can't put into words how happy we are with them! You've completely managed to capture the day, and we both thought it was like having a storybook of the day, it's brilliant. On the first run through of them I was between tears and a lot of laughter, the style is perfect and I am SO glad we have your photos to remember the day by! Thank you so so much. It is truly wonderful to have such a professional, expert and stylish memory of our day. We are so unbelievably pleased you were our photographer! By the way - we've been to a few weddings in the last few months and have to say haven't seen any photos that are a patch on yours. We might be a little biased, but every time we see a set we are always so thankful that we had you to record our day!"​
wedding photographer recommendation by london bride and groom

I hope you like my natural approach to weddings.