mum throwing daughter in air in park on mummy and me photoshoot

Mummy and Me Photoshoot

A mummy and me photoshoot is a perfect opportunity for mums to have some professional photos of their children which both mum and her children will cherish in years to come.

From talking to mums, and from my own experience, I find mums are often the ones who will take photos of their children either on their own or with other members of their family. Rarely in front of the camera with their children and these are the photos we cherish in years to come.

Below I’ve shared some photos from mummy and me photoshoots for you to look through.

I am currently offering mini photo sessions for Mother’s Day (2024). These can be purchased for mums with young children but also for adult children and their mums.

For Mummy and Me photoshoots any other time of the year, please visit my family photography page where I offer mini photo sessions and bespoke sessions.