In addition to my natural style of baby photography, the convenience of an in-home baby session is a contributing factor to parents choosing me to photograph their baby.

As a previous studio owner, parents who have had both a studio session and a home baby photoshoot with me, have said they preferred the baby session which took place at home because it was so much easier.

9 reasons to choose an In-home Baby photo Session


  1. You’re comfortable in your own home and everything you need for yourself and your baby is close by.
  2. You don’t need to drive to a studio and remember to pack everything in your baby bag. As a new parent, this can be quite daunting, especially in the first few weeks.
  3. If mum has to stay in hospital or has had a c-section, an at-home session is one less thing to worry about,
  4. Older children will also be more relaxed and able to nap, feed and play whilst I photograph their baby rather than getting bored in a studio that is unfamiliar to them.
  5. I bring all the equipment I need with me and can achieve the same posed newborn photos in your home as I would do in a studio. I can say this confidently because my newborn portfolio still has photos on there taken in my studio. Although I challenge you to spot the difference : )
  6. If you would some photos in your baby’s nursery, you can do this too as it’s a wonderful reminder of the effort you made for when your little one in years to come.
  7. Family photos are also taken in your home in a lifestyle approach. I promise, in years to come, this will be a fond memory of a special time showing your baby in their first home
  8. If you have a furry friend you’d like to include in your family photos, this is also possible with an in-home newborn session. Who said never work with children and animals???
  9. Oh, and if you need lunch, you don’t have to wait until yet get home as you can have something whilst I’m photographing your baby. This may not seem important but if you are breastfeeding or tired, it’s important to keep yourself fuelled throughout the day.

The fact Alison comes to your house is brilliant!

We loved our photoshoots with Alison (she has done newborn sessions for both our sons). She is very friendly, patient and the photographs are gorgeous. The fact she comes to your house is brilliant, especially when you have a newborn, so there’s no rushing out in the early days and you can be comfortable and at ease in your own home. I would definitely recommend her, as I have already done to many friends and family.
Alison K

Why book a professional newborn photographer for an In-home Newborn Session?

A professional photographer will be able to capture your baby’s first moments in a way that you never could. This is because a newborn photographer has the skill and experience to pose, position, light and shoot the pictures that you will cherish for a lifetime.

They will also be able to help you get those perfect photos that capture your baby in the moment and give you memories to treasure forever!

However, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t take good photos of your baby at home using your phone and I would wholeheartedly recommend you take lots of photos yourself too until you are in a position to have professional photos taken of your baby.

How do I schedule a session if I don’t know when my baby will arrive?

I make a provisional date in my diary which is based around 10-14 days from your baby’s due date. I then ask you to keep me updated with baby news so that your date can be confirmed once your baby arrives. More often than not, a provisional date is changed due to babies arriving early or late.

How long does an In-home baby Photo Session last?

I allocate up to 3 hours for a baby photoshoot at your home. Whilst it may not last this long, it allows time for feeding and settling babies throughout the session. The time is allocated so parents don’t feel under pressure to have a sleepy baby throughout as it rarely happens like this.

How do I prepare for An-Home Baby Photo session?

Before your session, I will provide you with notes to help you prepare for your photoshoot. The key preparation tips are:-

  1. Ensure your baby is well-fed on the day of your photoshoot. On the feed before I arrive, I suggest you undress your baby and keep her swaddled in a warm blanket. This way, if she feels to sleep whilst you are feeding your baby you won’t need to disturb her to undress her. Note: If I am photographing siblings with your baby, I will provide an alternative option for preparation.
  2. The temperature of the room where I photograph your baby needs to be around 24 degrees as they will feel the cool air without clothes on. If babies aren’t warm enough, this will stop them from falling into a deep sleep for the sleepy newborn poses. Parents (and myself) are often too warm so cool clothing is recommended.

Where would you take family photos?

I take a natural approach to family photos with parents and siblings sitting close together on the parent’s bed or sofa. The other option is to use a plain background in your house which will give you a studio-feel to your family photos. When I arrive at your home, I will suggest where will be best for these.

What If older siblings aren’t cooperative at our baby photoshoot?

Older siblings can often be unpredictable on the day of the photoshoot and, whilst I can’t promise that they will do exactly as you want, I can promise to be patient with them and work with them as much as possible so they feel comfortable and you get the photos you want.

What is a lifestyle baby photo session?

A lifestyle newborn photo session is different in that there is less emphasis on sleepy newborns. This style of photography is more about the parents interacting and cuddling with their baby in addition to capturing their baby sleeping in their crib, being fed, etc. There is less emphasis on sleepy newborns as it’s not about perfecting a pose.

This approach is great for parents who want to capture their baby in the newborn phase in a natural way.

You can read more about my lifestyle newborn photo sessions here.

I’m worried I don’t have enough space or my house will be messy.

I’ve worked in the smallest and biggest areas and have never been unable to set up in anyone’s house or apartment. I generally ask for a space of about 5 ft wide to work in.

Also, please don’t worry about any mess. I don’t expect you to be tidying up before I arrive as you have enough to do looking after your baby. As far as what will be seen in the photos, this is nothing because I create my own mini-studio in your home. If we are doing family photos, I can work with your surroundings too.

If you would like to book a baby photoshoot at home, please contact me.