What if my baby doesn’t Sleep during Our newborn shoot?

Whilst it can be disheartening for parents if you have your heart set on sleepy curled-up poses, the best approach is to embrace the moment and appreciate your baby’s wide-awake expressions.   When it comes to photographing newborns, professional photographers recommend ensuring your baby has a full tummy and is content before the session begins. Additionally, maintaining the right room temperature can help capture those precious sleepy moments.

However, there are instances when a baby may simply have an awake day on the day of their newborn shoot. After all, they are unaware of the planned sleepy photoshoot. I certainly remember my son having days where sometimes he slept after a feed in the day and other times he didn’t (more the latter if I’m honest!). With patience and time, most babies do eventually go to sleep even if it’s for a short period of time.  

If you have your heart set on sleepy photos, I recommend booking one of my 3-hour bespoke newborn sessions instead of a mini session. This allows ample time for feeding or settling, ensuring a better chance of capturing those desired sleepy poses.

Interestingly, during a newborn shoot, I often spend the majority of the time coaxing babies into a deep sleep, which parents love and is the reason they book a newborn shoot with me. However, once they see the awake photos, they absolutely adore them.

I hope the gorgeous awake newborn photos below will put your mind at ease if your baby happens to be awake during their newborn shoot.

baby awake during newborn session
baby awake on blue blanket during newborn session boy
baby girl awake during newborn session
baby boy awake during newborn session
newborn girl awake in mum's hands best age for newborn shoot
bay boy awake during newborn session holding parents hands