If you have started to look for a newborn photographer, you may have noticed that professional photographers offer these either from a studio or they will come to your home for the newborn session.

As a previous studio owner, I thought it would be helpful to set out the pros and cons of having a studio newborn session v an at-home newborn session, both from my personal experience and the feedback I have received from clients.

9 reasons to choose an In-home Newborn photo Session

  1. You’re comfortable in your own home and everything you need for yourself and your baby is close by.
  2. You don’t need to drive to a studio and remember to pack everything in your baby bag. As a new parent, this can be quite daunting, especially in the first few weeks.
  3. If mum has to stay in the hospital or has had a c-section, an at-home session is one less thing to worry about.
  4. Siblings will also be more relaxed and able to nap, feed and play whilst I photograph their baby rather than getting bored in a studio which is unfamiliar to them.
  5. I bring all the equipment I need with me (lighting, beanbag, blankets, wraps, hats) and can achieve the same posed newborn photos in your home as I would do in a studio. I can say this confidently because my newborn portfolio has photos there taken in my studio and in people’s homes. Although I challenge you to spot the difference : )
  6. Family photos can also taken in your home with a lifestyle approach. In years to come, this will be a fond memory of a special time with your baby in their first home. Alternatively, I will often use a plain wall in your home if you would like the “studio feel”.
  7. If you have a furry friend you’d like to include in your family photos, this is also possible with an in-home newborn session. Who said never to work with children and animals???
  8. If you don’t like the posed newborn photos, you could opt for at home lifestyle newborn session.
  9. Oh, and if you need lunch, you don’t have to wait until yet get home as you can have something whilst I’m photographing your baby. This may not seem important but if you are breastfeeding or tired, it’s important to keep yourself fuelled throughout the day.
newborn twins sleeping at home newborn photo session
baby boy and brother at home newborn photo session

4 reasons to choose a studio newborn session

Studio newborn photography offers a host of advantages which some parents will prefer for the following reasons:-

  1. Studios will generally have more props for parents to choose from. If you like basket props and accessories, then a studio is more likely to be able to accommodate this.
  2. Parents who go to a studio don’t need to worry about creating space for photographing their baby or feel like they have to tidy the house (which isn’t necessary as far as photographers are concerned as they understand this is way down the list of things to do, but parents do worry about this).
  3. If you want family photos on a backdrop, a studio will be able to provide these whereas a home session will be a case of working with your home environment and colours.
  4. Not all new parents will want a new person coming into their home.

I owned a studio for 4 years and the feedback from parents who have had both a studio session and an at home baby photoshoot with me, have said they preferred the newborn session which took place at home because it was so much easier.

However, studio newborn photography can have some key advantages as stated above which may be more suitable for some parents.

It’s important that you choose the right environment for you when having a newborn photo session as it’s such a special time and I hope sharing some of my experience here will help you decide which option is best for you.