Is it too late for newborn baby photos for babies born in lockdown?

This is the question being asked by new parents.  As many parents are aware, newborn photo shoots usually take place in the first couple of weeks.  However, under the current National Lockdown restrictions (as at 19.2.21), photographers are not allowed to photograph newborns either at home or in a studio. In fact, the only photography permitted is commercial photography or business to business.   If a photographer says they will photograph your baby during this National Lockdown, they are doing so illegally and most likely without insurance.    I won’t go too much into this but please bear this in mind when choosing a photographer as a reputable newborn photographer will always put safety first.
As the Government’s roadmap is expected to be announced next week, I thought it would be a good time to reassure parents that it’s not too late for baby photos.  However old your baby is at the time of a photo session, you will love your photos.
My aim as a newborn photographer is always to provide parents with the best photos achievable at the time of a photo session.  When newborn sessions don’t take place in the first few weeks, I always set expectations as to the kind of photos which are possible at the time of the photo session.   It’s always worth saying that all newborn sessions vary regardless of age as every baby is an individual and will have different sleep and feed patterns.
If you are still asking yourself, “is it too late for newborn photos?” please take a look at the photos below taken at various stages.

5 month old baby boy

5 month old baby sleeping 5 month old baby smiling5 month old baby smiling cute 5 month old baby boy

4 month old baby girl

4 month old baby girl smilingcute 4 moth old baby girl4 month old baby yawning4 month old baby girl sleeping

3 month old baby photos

3 month old baby boy3 month old baby boy smiling3 month old baby boy sleeping with mum


10 week old baby photos

10 week dld baby girl10 week old baby girl swaddled in pink wrap


Lifestyle baby photos

The other option to consider when having photos taken of your baby is a natural lifestyle baby photo session.

The photos below were all taken at various stages from 7 days to 4 months old.  For a natural lifestyle baby session there’s no real deadline with when the photos need to be taken because there is less emphasis on getting sleeping posed photos.

I always find the best outfits for lifestyle sessions are baby-gro’s.   They always look adorable and you still get to see tiny toes.

You can also have some photos taken in your baby’s nursery so you have the memories of this time especially when your nursery changes so quickly as your baby grows.


lifestyle newborn photos of baby boylifestyle newborn photos of baby boylifestyle newborn photos of baby boy stretchinglifestyle newborn photos of baby girl sleeping

lifestyle baby photos at homelifestyle baby photos at home

So, is it too late for newborn baby photos?

If you have missed out in the first few weeks, please don’t be disheartened.    I generally take the same approach photographing newborns up to 5 weeks old and, as you will see from the photos above, beautiful photos are still achievable with older babies too.

Booking a baby photo session whilst in lockdown

I am taking  provisional bookings from the end of March.  If restrictions don’t allow me to photograph at the time of your booking, your session would be transferred to alternative date.  Anyone with a provisional booking will be offered the first dates I’m allowed to photograph from followed by those on my waiting list.

If you would like to be added to my waiting list, please get in touch.     I will also email you some information regarding how I was working previously following Government guidelines.

For all enquiries and bookings, please contact Alison.