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Portraits in Black and White | Faces

Hello to 2021. With the strangest of years in 2020, I’m sure we’re all ready for some normality in 2021. Whilst it may not have got off to the best start entering into a National Lockdown, I’m doing my best to keep positive that the vaccines will get us on the right path very (very) soon.


So every New Year, I start my blog with some photos of my son. In all honesty, I wasn’t sure whether I would get them this year. He’s grown up quite a lot and is not feeling the photo sessions now. However, an exchange of money did the trick 😉 and I’m so pleased it did as I’m a little bit in love with the photos (the love is big as it’s my own boy too!)


Faces – Portraits in black and white

I’d already decided on a style of portraits in black and white which I wanted to take of him achievable indoors. And within 15 minutes (a timer was set!).


With the right light, there’s often something in front of our very eyes to create beautiful portraits without going too far. On sunny days, the light shining through the blinds casts shadows on walls in different areas of our house. Depending on the room and how long the sun stays out, it can be short-lived but I’ve been wanting to take some photos of my son incorporating the shadows for some time.


Below are a selection of some of my favourites from my mini project ‘Faces’ – portraits in black and white. I hope you like them and, if you do, a share on social media is always appreciated and especially in these times for when I can start photographing families again.


Wishing you a wonderful and healthy 2021.

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portraits in black and white chin on hand
portraits in black and white expression from teen boy
black and white portraits of boy's face in shadows
black and white portraits of boy's face in shadows
black and white portraits of boy's face in shadows smiling