Mini Photo Sessions -v- Full Photo Sessions for outdoor sessions

As Spring is fast approaching,  I thought it would be a good time to set out the differences between mini photo sessions and full photo sessions as these are something which I now offer on a regular basis.

The main differences between the two sessions are that one has a shorter time frame than the other and there is less choice of photos.  I’ve shared some further information on the differences below for families to consider when booking a photo session with me.

* A mini photo session time is much shorter than a full session.   My mini sessions are approximately 30-45 minutes whereas I can take anything from 1-2 hours on a full session depending on location (and extra time if needed).

* The number of images edited and presented to you from a mini session will be less than a full session.   From a mini session, you receive a choice of between 10-15 images and a full session can often be in excess of 25-30 images.  The number of images I edit and present to you from a full session can vary depending on the number of people being photographed and location but I don’t cap it.

* Mini sessions take place at a set location which is currently Woodthorpe Grange Park NG5 4HA.  On a full session you are able to choose your location anywhere in the East Midlands.

* The full payment of the mini session is required on booking which is inclusive of the session time and ‘x’ number of images, as indicated in the mini session price.  (Note:  Since covid, I have changed this slightly and I currently take a £50 booking fee and the balance is payable on the day of the session.)  When you book a full session, you pay for the session fee and, once you have viewed your photos, you choose and pay for the collection/product you would like.

* Due to the timeframe involved, mini sessions are limited to 2 young children and a maximum of 4 persons (2 of which being adults or older children).  Full sessions are for all of the family and can include pets.

boy holding daffodil in fieldWhen to choose a mini session

Mini Photo Sessions are ideal for families who:

  • just need a few photos to update photos of their children or for gifts.
  • have older children who can easily take direction.
  • only have a short amount of time and aren’t fussed about different locations and backdrops.
  • are working within a budget or buying a gift voucher for someone.  Upgrades or additional images can then purchased afterwards.

brother and sister in autumn photo shoot

friends on photo shoot in nottingham

teenage friends portrait photo shoot in Nottingham

When to choose a full session

Full photo sessions are for families who:

  • want to choose a different location to Woodthorpe Park.  Some families will choose a location which is special to them or closer to where they live.
  • don’t want to be rushed.
  • are worried their children may be shy or take time to come around to someone new.
  • want a good variety of photos and backdrops to choose from.
  • have more than 2 young children or for families with more than 4 persons being photographed.

mum dad and young boy in bluebell woods Nottinghamshire

family photo at Nottingham com

What is a mini session day

Finally, mini session days take place on a set day/weekend which I choose and may be themed around bluebell season, blossom trees in bloom or autumn.   These are often at a reduced price because of the number of people being photographed in one day.   I now only tend to offer these very last minute if I know the weather is going to be nice for example or I’ve had a last minute cancellation at the weekend.   Otherwise, it can be tricky rearranging a date which works for all 5 families.

For up to date pricing on mini sessions and full sessions, please visit my family page.

If you are not sure which type of session and would like to have a chat, please let me know.   Click here to view more of my children and family sessions and here to contact me.