Newborn twin photoshoot Nottingham twin boys

Newborn Twins Photoshoot Nottingham

Newborn Twins Photoshoot Nottingham – Twin Boys

I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph several sets of twins (a few of which are in my newborn portfolio) and I’m delighted to share some new photos of beautiful newborn twin boys I photographed for a Nottingham family at their home.

How I photograph newborn twins

When I photograph newborn twins, I take a mixture of photos of them together as well as individual photos.

If both babies are asleep at the same time, that’s great and I will start the session with both of them together. I will ask parents if one baby is more settled than the other and, if this is the case, I’ll position the more settled baby first. When I then position the second baby, the first baby is less likely to be disturbed. There’s no hard and fast rule to this and sometimes I will play it by ear on the day after speaking with the parents and if I need to change things around then I do. When I position newborn twins together I find they are generally happy and comfortable being close to each other which is no surprise when they have been entwined together in the womb.

My starting position for both babies together, is with them laying on their back.

Once I know both babies are in a deep sleep, I’ll position one baby on their side in the bum up pose whilst asking the parents to hold the second baby. When I’m sure the first baby is settled, I gently place baby number 2 resting on baby number 1.

If both babies are still settled, I will safely position them with the hands on chin facing forwards pose.

What I do if One baby wakes or becomes unsettled

If one baby needs feeding or becomes unsettled whilst positioned together on the beanbag (where I photograph babies), I will ask the parents to take the unsettled baby so as not to disturb the sleeping baby. I will then use this as an opportunity to take individual photos of the settled baby. Once the other baby is content and settled, I will position him with the baby I have been photographing.

Whilst, the goal for a newborn twins photoshoot is to have them both sleeping at the same time, I often find that there is some time during the session to photograph one baby whilst the other is feeding. As a newborn photographer, this is actually quite nice as it mean there is always photos to take.

When to book a newborn Twins Photoshoot

You can make a provisional booking based on your due date which is the way I currently work with all of my newborn photo sessions. I then simply ask parents to keep me updated with baby news and your newborn session date can be rearranged accordingly. If mum and babies are at home and feeling well, I would book this for a date within the first 2 weeks. I still take the same approach up to 5 weeks old so if it’s a little later it’s not a problem. As there are two babies to photograph, I would suggest earlier than later for a newborn session.

It’s never too late for baby photos so if you have missed the “newborn stage” don’t feel you have missed out on the opportunity to have professional photos taken of your babies. I will always set parent’s expectations of photos which will be achievable depending on how old your babies are.

If you have any questions regarding a newborn twins photoshoot or any other newborn session, please contact me.